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it’s time for learning the precious things.

i tried to enjoy and did something so well. I always close my ears and force this distinction. I always breath a word for my self that i want to be a ‘person’, so i always motivate my self for doing everything bcause i take charge of all.. it’s so hard. Now, where’s your attention?

will right to recourse with you, nobody’s perfect..i know, u arent a perfect..i know it. but everyone try to be a perfect, like me. sometimes, i make mistakes, but i always learn it. Its makes me understand about it.


Second… distress

do u know that im standing alone, scraping alone but i try to find the solution of it. i cant cry for the simple thing, so i have to bum off your benefience? omg… already to boiling point. ckckc damn shit!

today, i look on the dark side of you.. you dont fail to reward and not aware of others..yeaah to me. thanks for your taking less care of me. crestfallen very much.



me ? iam only me.

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