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End ?

” im so afraid, i know that u dont like it, im not your ideal type. im bad for you, im making you sad”

“so, this is an ending? we can try from the beginning”

“but, i cant”

“why? just bcause a little trouble? we are together, can you trust me?”

“you can get the best someone than me, u can make a relationship with him”

“dont say about it! im just his friend! oh please dont talk about it..ah ok, im yours”

“dont be like this, you canget the best someone”

“ah oke…i tired for talking it, hurtless”

“i’ll text you tonight”

“for what?”

“you and me..oh please dont cry, baby”

“im not a sobbed sister”



you never know, that i was sobbing hard at the time..haha childish ><

Finally, we choose the right way, God always with you, nyunyu..hope u’ll get  a best lady, and stop being player..bye~

presented by “Goodbye My Love” replay for many times




me ? iam only me.

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